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A monument provides an excellent format for street advertising while representing an image of the pride you have in your company.

Typically installed low to the ground, a monument sign is a detached, freestanding sign whose sign surface is attached to a proportionate solid base or structural frame.

These permanent structures create a professional entrance to your company. They are built from materials that are proven to withstand the elements of nature. Monument signage comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The goal is to install one that effectively represents your facility.

We provide all types of monument signs including faux stone structures that look like masonry but are much less expensive, do not require the same type of permits to erect, are less expensive to install, just as durable, and can be easily relocated if you move your business.

Contact us to discuss the best options for your business and location.

Freestanding Post and Panel


Freestanding signs differ from monuments signs, in that they typically are mounted on one, two, or three posts and that other than the supporting posts, they do not touch the ground.  Freestanding signs are often called Post and Panel signs.  

Freestanding signs offer a versatile means of identifying your business or advertising your product.  They are an elegant, durable, cost-effective solution for many exterior signage needs. Design options range from standard shapes to highly customized creations, with a wide variety of post configurations possible. As simple as they are customizable, post and panel signs from Professional Sign & Graphics are easily installed by our experienced installation team. 

Freestanding signs can be durable, permanent identification or temporary, adaptable solutions for your spot advertising needs.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are always in motion, making them cost-effective, moving billboards. Full-color vehicle wraps transform vehicles into attention grabbing works of art that according to the Transportation Advertising Council, garner close to 70,000 impressions daily, making their cost-per-impression dramatically less than traditional forms of advertising such as radio or television.

Whether your budget allows for a partial or a full wrap, we will work with you to transform your vision into a powerful mobile advertising machine. No matter the size or shape of your vehicle, we will install your wrap so it appears as though it is hand-painted art in just a few days. Because vehicle wraps can be quite complex, our expert design team will work with you to assist in the overall design of your vehicle.

With many options and materials for installing your car decals, we can custom fit your promotional graphics to your specifications. A company with a fleet of vehicles or a business owner with a single car, we have the best technology and stock the largest amount of materials to transform your car into a permanent moving advertisement.

Vehicle Graphics

Fleet or vehicle graphics are the movers and shakers of the sign industry, and is often referred to as a rolling billboard (but with a one-time cost!). Fleet graphics grab your attention quickly and effectively. With a wide range of options, you can personalize your vehicle to catch the viewer's eye from anywhere. Think about it, why limit yourself to one stationary location for your advertising? Whether you have a single vehicle or manage a fleet, why not allow your advertisement to travel the same road as everyone else?

We can design your vehicle graphics to meet any budget, from a bumper-to-bumper marketing machine to simply providing your company's contact information on the sides and rear of your vehicle.

There's no more cost effective advertising you can undertake than putting your message where it can be seen more times in a day for no recurring costs.

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