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Acceptable File Formats 

JPG, TIFF, PDF, Illustrator CS & Photoshop CS 

InDesign, Quark, Freehand, CorelDraw, Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Publisher files will not be accepted.

Art time will be charged at $95/hour if files need to be fixed or altered to meet guidelines. 


File Instructions

Embed ALL linked images and artwork.  Do not downsample images when saving in PDF format.  Do not use any type of compression when saving in JPG or TIFF format.  Always save at maximum quality.  All Fonts and text must be converted to outlines. 


Color Specifications 

All files are printed in CMYK format. Please submit files with a CMYK build. If Pantone colors need to be matched please specify on purchase order or hard copy proof.  Art time will be charged at $95/hour for all color matching.  Orders without indication of CMYK colors, Pantone colors, or supplied hard copy proofs are NOT guaranteed for color. 



Print proofs are charged at $47.50 per print in addition to any color matching charges already applied. 



All raster files must be at least 150 dpi at 100% print size. 


Cut Vinyl Graphics 

All of the artwork must be set-up as vector files with fonts converted to outlines. No gradients are accepted for cut vinyl.  Please specify vinyl colors or choose cut vinyl colors from our vinyl color guide. 


Murals | Wall Graphics | Tradeshow Popups 

Mural files must be built as one file. Please note where panel breaks are located and try to minimize the amount of critical type that crosses over panel breaks. 


Bleed Specifications 

All graphics produced require specific bleeds. Contact PSG directly for bleed specifications and available templates.

For information, please review our Artwork Guidelines. 

Clicking UPLOAD ARTWORK will take you to our Hightail page, please follow upload instructions there.


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